Javier Baez Hits a HR
The future? Javier Baez is the Cubs top prospect and one of the best in MiLB

Why are the Cubs so bad? And when will it get better? These are two questions that nearly every Cubs fan has asked this year, last year, the year before that, and if we’re being honest, about 96 times in the last 100 years. It’s been a tough ride, without a doubt.

And right now, there’s actually more excitement around the Cubs as there’s been in a long time. That’ll happen when you have spent the last 3 years building the farm system and putting nearly every resource into that endeavor. This has helped them build a top 5 farm system, with 5-6 top 100 players and a couple potential All-Time Great ceilings. With some of the renovation and development at Wrigley coming soon (we hope!), as well as a new TV deal on the long horizon, the Cubs are in position for a long, sustained run in the next few years.

If your interested in lots of the specifics, you should check out this post by Brett at BleacherNation. It’s long and a bit business-y, but brilliant. He’s built a reputation and was given access to get a good idea of how the baseball and business side of the Cubs are lining up and what it all means. If there was one article that answers the question When will it get better?, this is the one to read.

And honestly, if you don’t visit BleacherNation on a semi-regular basis (or like 12 times a day), you’re missing out. It is truly the best sports blog I’ve ever followed and should be what local sports bloggers aspire to. If your a Cubs fan, it’s a must read. And don’t miss the comments. I’ve been a (light) commenter for years, but always find some gems from the community at BN.